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April 2023

The lab’s first postdoc has arrived!! We are thrilled to welcome Dr Chloé Guillaume, who joins us thanks to generous funding from the BBSRC to work on a cool project about dopamine, neurogenesis, and circuit connectivity. Read more about our polyglot Frenchwoman and electrophysiologist extraordinaire on the “Who” page, and follow her on twitter @ChloeG_Neuro

March 2023

Monday March 6th was a big day for Megan, with lab meeting presentation in the morning, and poster presentation in the afternoon as part of the final year undergrads project departmental poster day.

TL;DR she smashed both!

January 2023

The first lab meeting of 2023 was a proper treat: Mika Hyman visited us from the department of History and Philosophy of Science, to talk about her academic work on how we talk about sensory perception, and her equally cool work for the cacao industry on taste and quality control. We met a few months ago at the “Anosmia in Culture and History: Smell Losses/Smell Lessons” in London, and we are very keen to keep the dialogue open and possibly collaborate in the future. The only drawback of the day is that Ailie is seriously considering quitting her PhD to become a cacao neuroscientist …

Halloween 2022

We finally got around to take the “new academic year lab photo”, with Sana joining lab meeting from Iceland, and Ailie providing the thematic baked goods to supplement our normal breakfast offering. And just to show how committed we are to the theme, Emily presented a paper on phantom limb pain 😱.

Looking forward to another year of science with this scary good bunch!

October 2022

Welcome to Megan, who joins our lab for her final-year undegraduate project!

September 2022

Sana, Ailie, and Li – aka The Teal Team – had a blast presenting their posters first at ECRO in Berlin, and then at Cambridge Neuroscience New Horizons meeting. Thank you to the many people who checked out the teal works of art, chatted to them, and gave them valuable feedback on their science.

A special shout out from a very proud PI to Sana and Ailie, who were brave enough to take the plunge and present the fruits of their first year of grad school, demonstrating that even a work-in-progress story is worth sharing. And another one to “senior” Teal Team member Li, who received a special mention for her poster at the CamNeuro meeting and a travel grant from ECRO! Li is writing a blog post detailing her experience as first-time conference presenter, stay tuned.

Last but not least, many thanks to honorary lab member and official photographer Ana Dorrego Rivas, who joined us for both conferences, putting up with cheap accomodation and adventurous food choices.

August 2022

We are going to to Berlin! First lab conference, everyone is super excited about it. Li, Ailie and Sana will bring posters, and Elisa will bring herself. Looking forward to spending four days nerding out about olfaction. And huge thanks to ECRO & Fitzwilliam College for awarding a travel grant to Li, and to Wolfson College for awarding a travel grant to Ailie!

April 2022

We are super happy to welcome Dr Marcus Leiwe from Kyushu University. Marcus will spend some time working remotely from Cambridge, and he is going to hang out with us to talk mitral cell development, rainbow neurons, and proper Japanese food.

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