Who we are

Elisa Galliano

She/Her/Dr – Assistant Professor & Lab handyperson 🇮🇹

  • BSc Biology, MSc Neurobiology @ University of Pavia (IT), D’Angelo Lab
  • PhD Neuroscience @ Erasmus University Rotterdam (NL), De Zeeuw Lab
  • Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow @ King’s College London (UK) and Harvard University (USA) in the Grubb and Murthy labs

Who is Elisa? Read here a short profile written by Ailie

eg542 [at] cam.ac.uk / twitter @eg_neuro

Chloé Guillaume

She/Her/Dr – Postdoctoral research associate 🇫🇷

  • BSc Life Sciences @ University of Nantes
  • MSc Neuroscience @ University of Strasbourg, ICube Lab
  • PhD Neuroscience @ Nantes, Parnet Lab, & Alicante, Reig Lab

Chloé is the lab’s first postdoc, joining us from France in April 2023. She will lead our behavioural work and put to good use her electrophysiology and optogenetics skills to work out what are dopaminergic cells in the bulb actually doing. Chloé speaks a ridiculous number of languages (5!), and loves teaching and interacting with the public in any of said languages. Importantly, she does not own any pairs of dungarees. Unfortunately, Ailie’s brainwashing has already begun… Importantly, Chloé is the only member of our lab taller than 1.60m, so we are all very excited that she will finally be able to get to that stuff on the high shelves that has eluded us until now.

cg829 [at] cam.ac.uk / twitter @ChloeG_Neuro

Li Huang

She/Her – PhD student 🇨🇳

  • BSc Psychology @ University College London (UK)
  • MPhil in Basic and Translational Neuroscience @ University of Cambridge (UK), Dalley Lab
  • From October 2020 PhD in Neuroscience funded by the Cambridge Trust

Li studies plasticity induced by olfactory deprivation and is a greedy patcher, treating OB neurons like pokemons: Gotta Catch ’Em All! Originally from the Sichuan province in China, she loves spicy food and she is now a proper coffee addict and dungarees fan. Her main enemies are carbogen tanks (“They are taller than me!”) and pipetting (“I studied psychology!”). Her BFF is a squishy stress release dog called Hodgkin, which she hugs when she is having a bad patching day.

lh672 [at] cam.ac.uk / twitter @Liii_Huang

Ailie McWhinnie

She/Her – PhD student 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  • BSc Biological Sciences @ University of Edinburgh (UK)
  • Intercalated year at Eli Lilly (UK)
  • From October 2021 PhD in Neuroscience funded by the PDN-Wolfson Scholarship

Ailie is fascinated by all things dopamine, and she is working hard to understand how dopaminergic neurons in the olfacory bulb (including the regenerating ones!) are wired up in the circuit. As our resident Scot, she is adapting to the scorching English summers (23C? madness!). Ailie edits blogs and science magazines, does lots of outreach, and is the ECR representative for Cambridge Neuroscience. Never knowingly caught without a pair of dungarees in her immediate vicinity, and ever active in making new dungarees proselytes, her BBF in the lab is a fluffy water-bottle-bear-thing called Huxley.

agm72 [at] cam.ac.uk / twitter @AilieMcwhinnie

Sana Gadiwalla

She/Her – PhD student 🇺🇸

  • BSc in Biology @ University of Washington, Seattle (USA)
  • MSc in Neuroscience @ University of Strasbourg (FR)
  • From October 2021 collaborative PhD in Neuroscience at Háskóli Islands (Reykjavík, Iceland) in the Petersen lab and with us here in Cambridge

Sana is interested in all things plasticity, especially in the mechanisms that involve modulation of action potential firing. Officially based in Iceland, she is spending time in Cambridge to learn to patch mitral and tufted cells, to then set up the physiology rig in Reykjavík and work on genetic models of intrinsic plasticity deficits. Sana is is our resident globetrotter: originally from Seattle, she has spent time in Canada and France before coming to Cambridge for an exchance programme as part of her Masters – and the rest is history. She is a bookworm and AMAZING cook and baker, and to Elisa’s delight, she is refusing to buy dungarees. Our neighbour Steve Edgley gifted her his lab mascot, a bunny called Sybil, so she too has a fluffy toy littering the office (sigh).

sg965 [at] cam.ac.uk / twitter @SanaGadiwalla

Megan Edwards

She/Her – 3rd year undergrad student, Biological Natural Sciences 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Megan joined our lab in October 2022, and she will be with us until the end of April to complete her final-year project and dissertation. Working closely with Li, she will be looking at activity-dependent plasticity of tyrosine hydroxylase expression in our beloved dopaminergic interneurons. While she does not seem to own dungarees and she does not keep fluffy animals in the lab, Megan takes part in the most annoying of Cambridge’s activities: rowing. Nothing against rowing, lots against all the endless talking about rowing and pre-sunrise training that all rowers do, all the time, with everyone 🚣🗣. We still like her very much though and we are very glad that she chose our lab.

me469 [at] cam.ac.uk / twitter @meg1edwards


Jieni Wang

Research Assistant 2021/22 and builder of our spectacular behavioural setup; sadly, a dungarees convert; about to start her fully-funded PhD at the Department of Engineering here in Cambridge.

jw2257 [at] cam.ac.uk / twitter @Jieni_W

Sam White

CPGS Postgraduate Student 2019/20 private sector

Gaia Bianchini

Erasmus student from Regensburg 2018/19 PhD with Flor Iacaruso @ Crick Institute

twitter @gaiagingam

Tessa Bienfait

Erasmus student from Rotterdam 2018/19 medicine

Maggy Lau

MPhil by reserach student 2018/20, cosupervised by Sue Jones consultancy

Undergraduate (Part II) project students: Yash Agarwal, Nihal Basha, Harry Bestwick, Yasmeen Cooper, Ben Grodzinski, Francesca Hardyman, Joe Hilton, Joe Innes, Anjali Jayasekera, James Wilson, Emily Winson-Bushby

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